The extent of communication breakdowns around finance and accounting is staggering. Departments don’t talk with each other, procedures are not followed, performance targets are not met, effort is wasted, opportunities are missed. Sometimes even businesses fail and fraud occurs. Finance has historically been a specialized domain - an enclave for the few - it’s been hard for financial experts to lead their people, engage them fully and to make themselves understood. But imagine what could be possible if ALL your people understood and were in the financial conversation. This easily accessible financial literacy and leadership development program creates a new paradigm for communication, connection, and effective corporate performance.



Cause a breakthrough in your relationship with finance, in your ability to be with What's so with your finances, in your ability to communicate and act powerfully with others about finances and in your financial consciousness. If this would make a difference to you and is important to you, join us for our nine (9) session program, Foundation of Finance. Let's get started to discover your current relationship to being a Financial Leader

How It Works:

  • Conversational-style learning using our unique workbook and practical pop-up practice board

  • Highly interactive, collaborative and hands-on

  • Practical, professional approach with meaningful examples, resulting in discovery learning

  • 27 hours of Foundations of Financial Leadership sessions are on Zoom.

  • All sessions and coaching will be done remotely.

  • Each program is limited to 40 participants only.

  • Expert facilitators lead group dialogues.


  • For Individuals Or Teams Who Are Looking To Create New Results : Greater confidence in finance, business and leadership

  • New listening : New listening and conversational skills for finance, business and leadership

  • Communication : Communicating with balance sheets and income statements

9 Part Series: Integrating the breakthrough leadership methodology of the Leaders Team with Wealthvox's revolutionary financial literacy system : FOUNDATIONS OF FINANCIAL LEADERSHIP